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We are very excited to share with you all our exclusive Q&A interview with Mr. John Pagano, CEO of Red Sea Global, who confirms that enhancing nature can co-exist with development.

Red Sea Global was formed more than five years ago as a key part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious strategy, embodied in Vision 2030, to develop its tourism industry and diversify its economy.

Mr. Pagano confirms, “When we began our journey, we were called The Red Sea Development Company and our mandate was to deliver one of three giga-projects announced in the Kingdom. We decided at the outset to lead by example in terms of regenerative tourism development at our flagship destination on the Red Sea coast.”

“From Day One, our objective has been to set new standards for the industry by not just conserving the environment but enhancing it. Last year we acquired Amaala, a development further North along the coast that focuses on wellness, health, and the arts.”

“Our remit has continued to grow, and in late 2022, we rebranded as Red Sea Global to reflect our growing portfolio and our ambition and abilities to make an impact beyond Saudi Arabia. Our hope is to inspire other property developers and tourism companies around the world to join us on our mission to make tourism a force for good.”

As Ramadan begins, we extend our warmest wishes to all. May this month bring you peace, blessings, and joy. Ramadan is one of the most important dates in the Islamic calendar, with the start date 23rd March 2023, according to the moon sighting. The announcement was made by the moon-sighting committee in Saudi Arabia – known as the Hilal Sighting Committee – who announced on Tuesday March 21 that the new moon had not yet been seen over Mecca, and that the month would therefore last for one more day. We would like to wish everyone a blessed Ramadan.

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