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On behalf of the whole team at Industry Travel & Tourism Magazine we would like to extend a warm welcome to our latest issue.

We have had the pleasure in working with Ryan Harmon, President and Chief Creative Officer at Zeitgeist Design and Production along with their fabulous team. Ryan said “the team members have conceived, designed, and built well over US$12 billion in incredibly successful theme parks, lands, rides, shows, restaurants, resorts, retail destinations, FECs, museums, visitor centres and events. Though our company is only a dozen years old, each of our senior team members has at least 35 years under his or her belt dedicated solely to the design and production of world-class immersive experiences.” “We encourage all developers and owner/operators to reach out, get to know us, add us to their RFP list, and give our “dream team” the opportunity to conceive, design, and produce an original, world-class, immersive entertainment project that will be celebrated — and profitable —for years to come”. Ryan concluded.

Experiential entertainment leader Richard Krent, AIA and President of Krent Studio, Inc. confirmed to us that, “To create award-winning global attractions to meet today’s standards, requires a more animate, if not elaborate, approach to become memorable.” Complex destination cities like Qiddiya, require top-level visionaries and professionals who understand entertainment’s impact on connecting worlds. As part of the Qiddiya Investment Company’s team, Richard Krent served as a Development Director offering valuable insights and constructive details on multiple assets – on both lower and upper plateaus of this entertainment city. Initially focused on the Resort Core and its Retail Dining & Entertainment assets, Krent directed several theme park concepts, providing innovative ideas to heighten the guest experience.



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